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Hi Folks,

A good photograph always tells a story, here is mine.


I began photography when there were cameras with reels, it was really exciting to know that there was a world waiting to be frozen in time.

Coming from a financial background, I initially pursued Majors in Finance (Chartered Accountancy) only to realise, that I was cut out for my childhood love of photographing and painting. 

Post that, I decided to take a degree in Photography and Fine Arts, polishing my skills and color sense. I love my photographs to have a pop of color, and the only reason you would love to have me photograph for you is because, I don't just take photos, i put my soul into making masterpieces.

Jaisal Bafna

Founder, Unicorn Fotografie


Listen to Understand, not just hear, 100% SATISFACTION

We Book relations, Not People

Punctuality is a Always a Must

Get more than Imagined

Take home portraits so beautiful,
you won't be able to take your eyes off.

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